The golf industry has an abundance of swing theories that are explored across all mediums and from all angles. In fact, swing theories can be found on TV, magazines and through video sites, often contradicting each other to the point where the average player is confused and frustrated. Augusta Golf Instruction helps clear the fog by providing customized, personalized instruction based on time-tested techniques. Through private lessons, Instructor BJ Hathaway teaches the correct use of physics and geometry in order to create the perfect combination of maximum speed and precision.

Augusta Golf Instruction helps players identify weaknesses and gaps in their technique, and learn the true fundamentals of the swing in a quiet, controlled space – the ideal environment for learning. The experienced instruction offered by Augusta Golf Instruction is paired with a passion for helping players break through the clutter and information overload. Under the guidance of BJ Hathaway, customers discover their strengths, rid themselves of poor habits, and enjoy "aha" moments as words and movements unite as the perfect swing. 

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