The Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre—part of the Army Entertainment Program—began life in the 1970s, and has since become a beloved arts center for the Augusta community. Operating with an all-volunteer cast and crew under experienced producer Dan Posey, the Dinner Theatre produces a full season of Broadway-style musicals, comedies, mysteries and special attractions throughout the year. The cast, crew and backstage workers consist of talented service members and civilians who volunteer their time to take a role in the theatre. Anyone can join in by becoming a member of the production crew, or by auditioning for a role in productions.

The Dinner Theatre focuses on high quality entertainment, while also delivering a unique dining experience and all-round memorable night out. Audiences enjoy food and drinks while watching award-winning productions in a comfortable and modern venue. As a part of the Entertainment Program, the Dinner Theatre crew also takes part in events throughout the year, such as outdoor concerts featuring national and regional attractions, as well as talent shows, festivals, and youth theatre productions.  

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