An Augusta native, Heather White discovered she enjoyed the food and beverage industry while working in a Statesboro-based restaurant that used a local delivery service. The service allowed customers to still enjoy the restaurant’s food without having to leave their home. Heather decided to leave the restaurant to work first as a driver and later as a dispatcher for the delivery service, Boro Takeout Express. After learning the many ins and outs of the delivery business, and with help from the owners of Boro Takeout Express, Heather moved back to Augusta and opened Augusta Takeout Express in August of 2017.

Augusta Takeout Express works with numerous local restaurants to help them increase their revenues by reaching customers all over the region, covering Richmond and Columbia counties and parts of North Augusta. Its growing base of restaurants and the company’s area of coverage can be found on the website. There is no minimum order, and the service can equally deliver many meals at a time. Delivery is available to both private residences and businesses.

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