Shop Local

Author: Molly Swift | October 14, 2019

Augusta’s local business community has been growing like crazy! As the region develops, we’ll see even more new businesses open their doors, bolstering competition and providing locals with a radical increase in retail options. Buying local is vital for our area’s economic stability and its continued growth, and we love that it’s become [...]

The Southern Salad - Land of the Greens

Author: Debbie Wolfarth | August 23, 2019

The Southern Salad is unique in downtown Augusta because you can walk in, create your own amazingly fresh grain bowl or salad bowl and eat it there or take it with you. And don’t get me started on the smoothies. All of this created in minutes. Healthy fast food for kids and adults alike! [...]

Join the Paceline and Kick Cancer’s A**

Author: Molly Swift | May 02, 2019

Change usually comes when we're uncomfortable, or in pain. We're motivated to find relief or alleviate whatever is causing us to feel that pain, and usually we're in a hurry to feel better. Paceline is a direct response to pain, but it's the pain of more than just one person - 1,735,00 people in the U.S. alone are facing a cancer diagnosis in 2018. However, Paceline wants to reduce that number to zero. [...]

Exploring with the LGA

Author: Molly Swift | August 21, 2018

We’ve had a phenomenal month! Since launching the Friday before Masters Week, we’ve distributed thousands of copies of Little Guide Augusta and all of them have been picked up. It’s not the worst problem to have, but thank you for your patience while we adjust to a greater demand than we expected. [...]

The Centenarian and Frog Hollow

Author: Molly Swift | July 5, 2018

When Mr. Lanier told me about his wife’s grandmother, Evelyn Pye Creed, it was in reference to celebrating her 100th birthday. Becoming a centenarian is certainly a cause for partying, and the family marked the occasion with a drop-in at the Belvedere United Methodist [...]

A Life Serving Others

Author: Molly Swift | June 21, 2018

On Memorial Day we reflect upon our fallen service members and the sacrifice they made. We also use the day to thank all service members, past and present. Among the pages of the Little Guide Augusta, we feature many of these brave men and women, one of whom, Nader Khatib, talked to [...]

My Crew - Beasley Radio

Author: Molly Swift | May 1, 2018

I just posted on Facebook and Instagram. A rather nondescript image and accompanying post about one of our featured locations – this time, Beasley Broadcasting Group, which operates stations in roughly 40 towns/cities throughout the U.S. ranging from urban and country, to contemporary [...]