Join the Paceline and Kick Cancer’s A**

Author: Molly Swift
May 02, 2019

Change usually comes when we're uncomfortable, or in pain. We're motivated to find relief or alleviate whatever is causing us to feel that pain, and usually we're in a hurry to feel better. Paceline is a direct response to pain, but it's the pain of more than just one person - 1,735,00 people in the U.S. alone are facing a cancer diagnosis in 2018. However, Paceline wants to reduce that number to zero.

Of course, that's a tall order, and we aren't getting there in a hurry. But, it's the people behind Paceline that are propelling it forward in its mission to cure all cancer and doing so at a pace that feels a bit more appropriate for a cause that culminates annually in a cycling ride. Paceline's Engagement Director, Laura Marschalk and President, Martyn Jones along with the Paceline team are passionate about raising awareness about the impact a cancer diagnosis can have, the need for treatment, public awareness, and support. Like many people, both Laura and Martyn have felt its devastation firsthand, and they are acutely aware of how taxing and heartbreaking its diagnosis can be.

But, the Paceline team also knows we live in a very crowded and noisy world, where many things demand your attention, and everyone is asking for your support, which is why the Paceline Ride must be engaging throughout the year. In fact, the Paceline team aims to educate and raise funds to eradicate cancer - all cancer - by creating an ongoing fund-raising campaign, and a challenging physical bike ride, all fully supported by the community, and accessible and active all year round. Quite a feat.

The bike ride takes place in May, however, now is the time to register, whether as a Rider, a Virtual Rider or Volunteer, they have a place for everyone and together, we can make a difference! Participants are given a profile and are encouraged to meet a fundraising goal by the time the physical ride comes around. Every dollar raised goes directly to support innovative research at the Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University. If you would like to know more about the ride, please visit or contact Laura Marschalk for more information.

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