Keep Calm and Shop Local

Author: Brain Allen
March 25, 2020

Hi Guys! Brian here from Little Guide. As Molly has eloquently stated and as I’m more than sure we all know, this is an anxious time for everyone. For Molly, Stuart and I we find ourselves particularly concerned for our Little Guide family of businesses. Nationally, small business is the economic engine that drives this country. At the local level, it is a big part of what defines our short, it is of vital importance. Locally owned small businesses always need the help of our community to stay afloat, but now they need it more than ever.

We say this as a small business, ourselves.

There is a very simple way to provide direct support while sheltering in place: shop online...not with Amazon or a big box store. Shop with your favorite local spot or perhaps a place you’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t gotten around to yet. Buy gift certificates when available. You’ll end up with a sweet way to reward yourself when this storm has passed. Below is a list of members of our Little Guide family you can support right now by shopping online (included are restaurants or service providers that offer a gift card purchase option).

American Journeyman
Andy Jordan’s Bicycle Warehouse
AR Workshop(Evans)
AR Workshop(North Augusta)
Augusta Candle Co.
Fleet Feet
Grantski Records
Rivers & Glen
Shoes at Surrey
The River Golf Club
Augusta Locally Grown
Buona Caffe
French Market Grille
Frog Hollow Tavern
Craft & Vine
Farmhaus Burger
Frog & The Hen
New Moon Cafe
Paleo Num Yums
Ubora Coffee Roasters
Augusta Takeout Express
Augusta To Go
Half-Moon Outfitters
My Story
REC TEC Grills
Spa Bleu
Fat Man’s Cafe
The Southern Salad

Southern Willow Market is currently in the process of setting up their online store which they hope to have completed by next week. In the meantime, you can shop with them via their Facebook page with free delivery on most items.

If you are a part of the Little Guide community and you have an online option we don’t know about, please get in touch.

We are all one Augusta! Stay safe!